Friday, 30 August 2013

A boost for Autism Awareness

It started out as a favour for a new friend who, as one of the many hats she wears, organizes blog tours for up and coming authors. I offered up my humble blog,  to host one of her authors and in return she was generous to give me a free post on her blog for one of my books.
Since my first published novel series, Destiny of the Vampire will be soon be unpublished to be revised, I offered up my non-fiction book, Forever, Christian, my story about the star of this blog, my son Christian who was diagnosed with autism in 2010.
I sent her my media kit and then thought nothing about it.
She then asked for a copy of Forever, Christian and when I sent her the link for the ebook things started to happen very quickly. Like, blow me away with her reaction to the book.
To say that my friend, Natasha Johnstone, loved the book is an understatement. She not only promoted my book for three days but she reviewed it giving me not a 5 star rating, but a 5 galaxy rating!
Natasha told me about her three boys and how my little story about the my journey with Christian to his diagnosis, a diagnosis that took nine long years.
I'm still blushing and overwhelmed with her words, her kindness and helping me spread awareness.

I am so proud, so happy, so humbled by her praise that I want to share it with you...

Click here to read:

Thank you Natasha from me and all parents who struggle to get people to understand and accept.